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We have said it before – but our amazing team continue to inspire.

This time it is the turn of Paul Dykes, who jumped off a building!

Well, not quite, but as near enough as can be, safely. Paul, abseiled down Liverpool Cathedral for Rainbow Hub NW Ltd, all in support of his son Oscar.

“My boy, Oscar receives so much support from Rainbow hub and have been a vital part of our lives to help him develop his skills and movement. We would have been lost without them during covid and they require so much financial support from fundraising events. I am not one to run marathons or do something ultra-physical but doing an abseil is still well out of my comfort zone so please support me with a contribution of a pledge to complete this abseil”

An amazing thing to do, for an even more amazing charity.

Hats off Paul and to everyone supporting charities in any way they can, that do such great work to help people.

Well Done – All at 25/8

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