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Our team are inspiring!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Not only in their day to day creative work, but also in their personal life – achieving amazing things in many different sizes, shapes and forms. We are proud of you all...

With that being said, here is James Rapson – who has recently completed the 100k Peak District Challenge – over to you James

Saturday 9th July I ran… when I say ran I jog walked…!! The 100k continuous Peak District Challenge.

Setting out from Bakewell in a figure of 8 loop at 07:30am, starting nice and cool then the sun came and the weather was brutal making the hills (‘Peaks’) even tougher to climb. I was lucky to have my family on the cheer squad and if it wasn’t for them at half way, I don’t think I would have made it back out, the second 50k was a different beast the cooler evening and night air made it easier, just pushed through the pain counting down the rest stops. Finally coming it at 02:30 am (Sunday morning) at 19hrs10mins to receive my finishers medal.

I entered the challenge after a friend entered previously sowing a seed. Whilst training I thought it would be good raise money for a good course to help keep the motivation up. Decided on Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity, as it touched home with them helping my brother when only 18 weeks old. If it wasn’t for them his life would have led a different journey. He is now happily married with a gorgeous little girl serving as a Flight Operations Officer in the RAF (Currently deployed helping NATO in eastern Europe).

Find - Neals story and to kindly donate here is my JustGiving page GOSH - Link in comments.

Thank you – James.

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