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C = Clean

An excellent cleaner and degreaser which outperforms the competition. For rapid cleaning, it is ideal for stainless steel and glass. It is anti-fogging and repels dirt on ceramics and glass. Can be used throughout the home and car. Can even be used as a highly effective floor cleaner.


Ideal for use together with Disinfect, Clean is kind to skin, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic - just as you would expect.


D = Disinfect

Disinfect is the most effective disinfectant available. Approved to a range of European Standards including EN 1276 and En 14476, Disinfect is not toxic, kind to skin and suitable for use throughout the home and work.


As well as being used as a spray, Disinfect is the liquid used for our Sanitise and Mist products as well as with our fogging and misting machines.


S = Sanitise

A Hand Sanitiser which does not contain any alcohol. It is kind to skin, not toxic, hypoallergenic, and kills all viruses and bacteria within seconds.


Available in a wide range of formats including wall-mounted dispensers, handy travel packs, and attractive metal spray bottles.


M = Mist

Mist is a handy sized bottle which produces a fine nebulised mist of Disinfectant.


Ideal for cars, rooms and hard-to-reach areas, it is a great deodoriser for kitchens, toilets and for use around pets.


Cleaning Surfaces: Clean

• Excellent degreasing product which is not toxic and can be used around food.

• Ideal for use on stainless steel and glass.

• Can be diluted for cleaning floors or larger areas.


Disinfecting Surfaces: Disinfect & Mist

• Kills 99.995% of all viruses, bacteria, spores, and fungi within seconds.

• Does not need rinsing.

• For cleaning tables in restaurants, etc. it will reduce the turn-around time for customers.

• No PPE is required for use.

• All the products are hypoallergenic, not toxic, not an irritant, and 100% biodegradable.


Disinfecting the Skin

• Sanitise will provide the very highest levels of hand sanitising while being kind to skin.

• It is hypoallergenic, not toxic, not an irritant, and will not exacerbate any skin sensitivities

• There are serious and increasing concerns over the use of concentrated alcohol to sanitise hands Sanitise poses

   none of the risks detailed in the article.

• Sanitise is gentle on skin and can be used on the face to reduce maskne or other skin irritations

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Disinfecting the Air

• Disinfect can be used with our Misting Machines and will gently disinfect the air we breathe.

• When dispersed in fine particles, the mist feels dry to the touch and will not soak nearby surfaces.

• Misting Machines can be controlled remotely with up to 20 machines linked by Wi-Fi.

• The product is highly effective against airborne pathogens when dispersed in fine particles.

• Can be used in all indoor spaces including: offices, receptions, bars & restaurants, production areas, care homes,    hospitals, nurseries, sports centres, and homes.

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Don’t just take our word for it…....

Professor Darren Reynolds


UWE -University of Bristol, 2021

“I urge organisations to be led by the scientific evidence and to adopt the use of HOCl as a safe and effective biocide that can help reduce exposure to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2).”

How it works

Regulatory Compliance

This range of high-quality disinfection, sanitising, and cleaning products that is suitable for use across a wide range of applications. 

Independent Tests: 

To substantiate the efficacy of our products, they have been evaluated by a number of independent laboratories globally. Without exception, all have confirmed that kill times for almost all pathogens are extremely quick. This means that no development of resistant strains has been recorded.


The table below shows the results achieved by a team lead by Istanbul University on a selection of common pathogens. It clearly shows that even at concentrations of just 50ppm FAC, all tested pathogens were destroyed within 1 minute. 

The disinfection products are supplied at a concentration of 260ppm FAC helping ensure a rapid kill time for most pathogens. 

—  Name, Title

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