The New Automatic talking Hand Sanitiser Catalyst for Sanitiser Dispensers, Stands and Stations


  • Spread sanitisation, protection and any other messages around interactively
  • Pass your sanitization and safety messages in an intriguing way that encourages people to happily comply
  • Communicate your commands to everyone including people with visual impairments and hearing difficulties. No one is excluded


The voice, light and motion detection options are innovatively integrated to urge and encourage sanitisation and other protection measures. The appliance can be used at any setting and location. The sanitiser Catalyst works around the clock to ensure sanitisation, safety and indeed any other messages are passed to anyone within the range of its proximity sensor.

There is a wide range of languages & messages pre-programmed but it can also take a bespoke message welcoming customer to the store / alerting them to offers / etc. There is evidence of a significant increase in sanitiser use when these sentinels are used which demonstrates their effectiveness. See yourtube product video below:


Sentinel product only, sanitiser dispenser is not included or anything else shown in pictures. Pictures are for reference only to show how the unit can be used.

Sentinel audio

SKU: 8718836991516
VAT Included |
  • Box size is 150x90x105mm