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Field Marketing
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How we work...

25/8 Retail Solutions deliver results for brands and retailers by connecting the dots. Our people powered field marketing services are broken down into six key areas:



1. Merchandising - we make sure that every customer touchpoint in store is looking its best. The goal is to not only influence purchases, but to also remove any barriers to purchase such as; no stock, wrong pricing, broken or missing demo units.


2. Staff Training - using a mixture of quick-burst, classroom and virtual training; our expert teachers are able to engage retail teams whilst developing their product knowledge.

3. Insights and Compliance - From fixture audits to competitor insight, and even mystery shopping, having boots on the ground means we can inform, advise and guide our clients on next steps.


4. Tactical Field Team - Acting as an extension of your brand, we help our clients to strategically grow their retail presence. We make sure retail colleagues and customers know your products and how they can make life better.


5. 3rd Party Logistics - We use warehousing solutions for POS, fixtures, branded merchandise. We can take delivery of all collateral needed to support a project, and manage the distribution to stores via our team strategically placed across the UK. We will also manage any reverse logistics back to you via our warehouse.


6. Event Support - We take the stress of setting up and breaking down events. We can also provide staff to work on the stand if required. We'll represent your brand as if it was our own.

Visit our field marketing team for more information 

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