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The Challenge...

To create a hard bundle for a peak promotion and a temporary stand to display products and promotion in-store.


A short turnaround time due to the shortage of components and the Retail partners sign-off and a solution was required to mitigate theft in-store. Compliance needed to be 100% as previously this was not the case, which clearly led to poor sales due to the stand not being placed onto the store’s shop-floor

The Solution...

  • To create a the perfect shipped box to hold bundles in prescribed quantities to aid retail distribution to stores.

  • To create a temporary display in-store to be cost effective and strong enough to last the peak period. We came up with a unique designed FSDU that could be produced from a single sheet of material with very little waste and that was extremely quick to build both post-production but also in the store environment.

The Deployment...

To successfully get these implemented in store with as close to 100% compliance as possible across the estate.

We delivered the FSDU’s to our very own field marketing team 25/8 Retail Solutions, who physically walked the units into store with a dedicated brief to try and get them into a prominent position in store by negotiating with the store manager. Our team build the display in store, fulfil it with stock that was delivered to stores,  provide training to staff in-store, photograph the display in situ and record results for full proof of execution.

The Result...

This was conducted and completed in extremely fast time frame going right from concept to completion in around 5 weeks across nearly 1,000 retail stores.


The campaign was so successful that the retailers sold out of stock in the first 2 weeks of peak trading across the whole store estates. This project involved the whole team coming together across design, production, and field marketing to make this happen.

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