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Our Environment

25/8 is ever conscious of our working practices and already has a number of initiatives in place to reduce our environmental impact and improve our sustainability performance. We are a carbon neutral company and we strive to assist our clients in their goal to become carbon neutral too.


We have committed to plant trees on behalf of our clients to help offset the carbon generated by business activity. Our clients receive a certificate and then link to the website where they can track activity.


We expect to plant a few thousand trees a year. If for example you spend £50,000 in a month, we will plant 50 trees on your behalf. We use a company called More:Trees to fulfil this element of our service delivery. They are an organisation who plants trees globally to offset CO2 emissions. Their systems allow you to monitor your tree planting and offsetting activity, with access to tree planting certificates, records of planting and overall impact.


More:Trees work with tree planting partners across the world, bringing you a variety of projects to support and ensuring your trees are planted, cared for and supporting wider community benefits. For more information, please visit

Visit our virtual forest: